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The biosphere is a narrow zone of the earth where land, water, air interact with each other to support life. It is in this zone that life exists. There are several species of organisms that vary in size from microbes and bacteria to large mammals.

What is the Biosphere Reserve?

Biosphere reserves are the protected areas meant for the conservation of plants and animals. It also restores the traditional life of the tribals living in that vicinity. They conserve the biodiversity of that area.

There are 18 Biosphere Reserves in India established by the government that protect large areas of natural habitats. These areas are provided with the buffer zones that are open for some economic uses. Not only the flora and fauna but also the humans inhabiting these areas are protected. The Biosphere Reserves are identified by the Man and Biosphere Reserve Program to promote sustainable development.
This program was initiated by UNESCO in 1971.

This program recognizes areas which are:
The world’s most typical terrestrial and coastal ecosystems.
That exhibit approaches ton live and works in harmony with nature.
That demonstrates the achievement of a sustainable balance between conserving natural ecosystems and biodiversity.